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The Chiltern Roadshow have a selection of competitions and quizzes available for use. This can be either Music or General Knowledge based. Please contact us to discuss the details of your event with us, and we can arrange for an interval quiz to take place. We have even done a 'Bride & Groom' quiz at a wedding! The Chiltern Roadshow can supply prizes at an extra cost.

Have a go and see how you do...

1. Which Al Martino song is the 1st published No1?

2. Which time conscious song was No1 for Bill Hayley in 1956?

3. 'Got a rovin' eye and that is why it satisfies my soul' are lyrics from which song?

4. What was Elvis Presley's first No1 in 1957?

5. Which Male American singer had a No1 in 1958 with 'Magic Moments'?

1. Where was Elvis shedding tears in 1965?

2. 'I see trees of green and red roses too' are lyrics from which song?

3. Who was 'Dizzy' in 1969?

4. Which Group had the hit with the song 'Mony Mony'?

5. Which Eurovision song was No1 for Cliff in 1968?

1. Which Dads Army actor had a hit single in 1971?

2. 'Tell me more' were lyrics from which 70's hit song?

3. What was the Eurovision winner for Brotherhood of Man in 1976?

4. What was the theme tune to the TV series about the Ark Royal?

5. Who did Elton John team up with for his first UK No1?

1. Which two songs were consecutive No1's following the death of John Lennon?

2. Name two neighbours stars that had hit singles with Stock Aiken Waterman?

3. Nick Berry had a a massive hit with this song in 1986?

4. Who was 'All Around The World' in 1989?

5. Which song with the same title was sung by Madonna and The Eurythmics during the 80's?

1. Which two artists were twice No1 with the same song in 1996?

2. What nationality are the Cardigans?

3. Who had a hit with 'Rebel Rebel'?

4. Who had a hit with 'One Love' in 1990?

5. Name the duet between Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack?

Name that Tune
1. 'I’m a man without conviction, I’m a man who doesn’t know'

2. 'Young man, there's no need to feel down'

3. 'So if you're lonely, you know i'm here waiting for you'

4. 'My shavin’ razor’s cold and it stings'

5. 'Twenty five years and my life is still trying to get up that great big hill of hope for a destination'

6. 'In this world we're just beginning to understand the miracle of living'

7. 'Every whisper of every waking hour I'm choosing my confessions'

8. 'She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene'

9. 'You give me all the after midnight action'

10. 'We've known each other since we were nine or ten'


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