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The Chiltern Roadshow operates the latest digital sound and computerised lighting equipment. Over the last 12 months we have upgraded all of our equipment. We believe that we now have one of the best looking and sounding discos in the area. So for all you tekkies, here is a list of what we use. Please note that the items shown with an '*' are part of our 'standard' setup.

Click on descriptions to view equipment images

Lighting & Effects
4 x Intelligent Abstract Twister 4's (DMX)*
4 x Intellegent Abstract Future-Scans (DMX)
2 x Intellegent Abstract Gladiators (DMX)
1 x Intellegent Abstract (Club32) 32 Channel DMX Controller*
1 x Acme WildTeen HID-150 Kaleido*
1 x Acme WildTeen Hallucination*
2 x Geni Blaze flower effects*
1 x Stageline double ball effect
1 x Stageline mushroom effect
1 x T.T.L. Breeze cone effect
10 x Comus front display screens*
8 x 30w pin spots
1 x 4 Channel professional light sequencer system, and LiteQuest switch system*
2 x 4ft UV Tube + 2 x optional parabolic strobes
4 x 4ft American DJ UV tubes in metal housing*
1 x 80mw High Power Pro-Laser Laser effect
1 x Gem Professional mist light-enhancing system*

1 x Denon (DN-X900) professional 8 channel mixer*
1 x Denon (DN-2100F) professional double CD player*
1 x Denon (DN-2500) professional multimedia playback system*
1 x EV (AC) active crossover sound control system*
1 x EV (CP1300) amplifier - mid/high*
1 x 1000watt Peavey (PV1500) amplifier - bass*
1 x 1300watt QSC (USA1310) amplifier (Used for foldback/monitor)
1 x Sennheiser (EW100) Radio Microphone system - UHF*
1 x Audio Technica microphone system
1 x Shure (SM58) microphone system*
1 x Sony (MDR-7505) Professional Headphones*
4 x EV sx300 full range speaker cabinets (2 Standard Setup)*
2 x Celestion (Substation) bass speaker cabinets*
2 x Carlsboro (D2x2) speaker cabinets (Used for foldback/monitor)

1 x  Dell (MP2300) 2300 lumens high power projector
1 x Numark (AVM01) Video Mixing Facility
2 x Numark (VM03) Video Monitoring Screens


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Revised: June 14, 2008